Seattle Capital Hill Dentist  is based in Seattle, Washington  and offers dental crown and bridge treatments. Both crowns and most bridges are prosthetic devices that are fixed.  These devices are cemented in to position on to teeth or implants. These dental restoration procedures will be the ideal solution to brighten up your smile.

Dental Crown

A crown is effectively used to cover or cap a tooth that has been subject to significant damage. Or even if you’re missing teeth, our oral health specialists believe the crown procedure can be used to fill in the gaps and thereby improve and enhance the overall appearance of your teeth. It also plays a functional role in the biting and chewing of food.  There are many benefits to choosing this procedure such as improved appearance of teeth by shaping and aligning it.  In addition to this, it strengthens the teeth. You have the option of choosing the colour of your crown which ranges from gold, or other metal-based alloys, acrylic, ceramic or the natural colour of your teeth.

Our dentists recommend this for the following reasons:

  • Attach a Dental Bridge
  • Offer Protection to a Weak Tooth
  • Restore a Tooth That Has Been Fractured
  • Act as a Cover to an Already-Present Implant
  • Cover a Tooth That is Improperly Shaped and/or Discolored
  • Provide a Cover to a Tooth Following Treatment of the Root Canal


Bridges are most often used to fill in the gaps that remain when teeth are missing. Usually when there is a gap left by missing teeth, the surrounding teeth may shift causing a bad bite and the imbalance caused by the gap can sometimes result in severe oral health problems such as TMJ disorder and gum disease. This is why it’s crucial to get it treated. In this procedure, bridges are cemented to the teeth or implant in the mouth. The present teeth, or abutments, act as an anchor for the bridge and are usually covered with crowns. A replacement tooth called a ‘pontic’ is then attached to the crowns. After considering certain factors, the dentist will help you select the best material for this, of which there are many. Some factors that are taken into consideration are the position of the bridge, the missing or damaged tooth’s function and how aesthetically appealing it will be.


A dental veneer is a popular choice for worn down, chipped, crooked or gapped teeth without the use of orthodontics. They are extremely thin shells that adhere to teeth. It improves the appearance of the tooth by altering its length, size, shape and color. This can serve as the ideal solution for patients who don’t require much dental work. A veneer can be more aesthetically pleasing than a dental implant. There are different kinds of veneer available, and our specialists will help you consider the options based on what suits your needs.

At Capitol Hill Dentists we believe your bright smiles are worth every bit of hard work we put in to make sure our services are to your satisfaction. We cover Seattle and the South Lake Union area. Give us a call or contact via our website to make your appointment today!


Capitol Hill Dentist has a whole team of doctors who has professional expertise in dental crown and bridge services. Their experience and knowledge on these procedures is such that these prosthetic devices usually last a lifetime. They ensure the fitting is quick and comfortable for the patient. After the bridge/crown is fitted, our doctors will give you an oral hygiene guide to make sure you continue smiling. You don’t have to worry anymore about unsightly or missing teeth.

Make your appointment today and our staff will be more than happy to provide you with the utmost care and service for your oral health needs.