Frequently Asked Questions

Including daily brushing and flossing as part of our oral care routine is the first step to taking good care of your gums and teeth. This will reduce the chances of oral health problems like tooth decay and gingivitis.

Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums and usually arises when there is plaque and tartar surrounding the teeth. Bacterial infections can cause gum irritation, inflammation and bleeding of gums. It is the most easily treatable of gum diseases as it is the earliest stage. When dental checkups  and cleaning are routinely done, the chances of this worsening will be reduced. During your checkup, your dentist will guide you to take care of your oral health including brushing and flossing.

Teeth can become sensitive due to receding of gums. When the dentin, the soft inner layer off the teeth, is exposed to food and liquids, it allows it to reach the nerves, causing pain or sensitivity. There are different kinds of dental procedures, toothpaste and gels which soothe it and provide relief. If you have this problem, make sure to inform your dentist as he may be able to identify underlying reasons and reduce the sensitivity through treatment.

Silver or amalgam fillings are a type of metal alloy that’s been used in dental care for years. Due to its expanding and contracting properties, it can endure both hot and cold food items. This can  considerably lessen the bacteria attacking the tooth and keep it strong and in good condition.White fillings, or composites, are mostly made of glass or plastic polymers. They are commonly termed as cosmetic fillings because the colour of the cavity filling is similar to that of the actual tooth. They are shaped and designed to properly fit the drilled tooth and are made of resin material so that it feels and looks natural.

This is a disease that gives no warning or signs of anything wrong until it enters the gums and attacks. The onset of this is gingivitis, or inflammation of gums, caused as a result of the plaque and surrounding bacteria. The first symptoms are inflamed gums that begin bleeding even when gently brushed. If not treated quickly it can lead to serious complications such as:

  • Abscesses
  • Tooth Pain
  • Gum Sensitivity to Acidic Foods
  • Bad Breath
  • Gum Recession
  • Tooth Loss

This is a serious condition and your dentist will get you treated immediately. The series of treatment procedures include:

  • Periodontal cleanings.
  • Root scaling and planing.
  • Local antibiotics.
  • Laser treatment.

These treatments typically manage periodontal disease but if it is severe, periodontal surgery will be required.

These are artificial replacements for missing teeth and roots. They are screw-like in shape and are made of a material called titanium. It is inserted under the gum and into the jawbone. During the recovery period the bone and the implant fuse together and this acts as an anchor for the new tooth that will be placed thereafter. There is only a mild discomfort experienced during this process.

Dental implants:

  • are a permanent replacement for missing teeth.
  • look and work like natural teeth so you can eat the foods you enjoy.
  • do not require a bridge to support or anchor the replacement.
  • are cleaned with your other teeth by your dentist during routine hygiene visits.
  • reduce the risk of periodontal disease, tooth movement, and bone and tooth loss.
  • replace the need for a removable partial or full denture.

Dental implant treatments are for everyone except for patients who have serious health conditions such as heart disease and severe osteoporosis.

For a standard dental implant procedure, it takes around 3 to 4 visits. During the first visit, x-rays will be taken along with an impression for the temporary prosthesis needed to cover the implant. The dentist will discuss in detail about the procedure so that you understand and know what to expect at each stage. On the second visit, the implant will be placed. First, some local anaesthesia will be applied to the area and a minor incision will be made. The implant will then be placed in the jawbone and stitched up. Mild pain might be experienced during this second visit. After 3 months, you will go for the third consultation when the crown will be fitted over the implant. The final and the fourth visit will be to ensure the fitting and bite are right. The crown is then fastened to the post.

It usually lasts 30 years or more if the patient sticks to a healthy oral care routine. The patient should make sure to floss and brush regularly and also go for routine dental check-ups and cleaning.

There is a wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures to make your smile brighter such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, bonding and porcelain crowns.

Teeth whitening is a safe and low-cost procedure to make your smile healthy and beautiful.  Since fluoride is added, there is a lesser chance of gum and tooth sensitivity. This is only done after a complete assessment and cleaning to make sure it is safe for you. Once done, this can last for years with proper maintenance. Avoid excessive consumption of tobacco, cola, wine, coffee and tea as they can easily stain teeth.

These are thin pieces of porcelain that are directly placed over teeth. This is a simple procedure and usually only takes two visits! They produce a brighter smile by:

  • Changing tooth shape, color, and size.
  • Repairing fractured teeth.
  • Covering discolored teeth.
  • Making crooked teeth appear straight.

This affordable procedure is used to fill teeth gaps and also to change the tooth back to its natural color. This just takes a few hours and can make a great difference to your smile. But like in whitening, it can lose its colour if teeth get stained by beverages like tobacco, coffee, tea, cola and wine.

These crowns cover damaged or unsightly teeth. In two visits, the crown can be measured, designed and fitted in.

Please give us a call at … to discuss the procedures and options available to our patients. All of us here at our clinic want you to have a perfect smile! Together we can come up with a customized treatment plan that suits your needs.