Your smile is your doorway to the world and it is the best way to make a great first impression. The more attractive it is, the better your chances are to go up the social and career ladder. But what if your smile doesn’t shine as brightly? This can hinder your potential in every way. Worry no more as the Invisalign is the perfect solution to get that million-dollar smile!

Healthier Teeth and Gums

People used to cringe in horror at the thought of braces and the discomfort that comes with having this barbed-wire like device in your mouth all day. But companies like Invisalign have revolutionised this industry by allowing you to get the same results with a practically invisible solution. This helps improve facial structure and alignment. Not only does it have its advantages looks-wise, but it also alleviates jaw pain, gum disease. In addition, there is a lesser risk of tooth loss resulting from uneven wear.

Since the polyurethane plastic aligners can be removed and adjusted by our dentists, minor adjustments are easily made when necessary.

This Process Offers Many Benefits

After following a multiple phase plan that adjusts your teeth accordingly, the orthodontist is able to remove the aligners without any difficulty. There are many advantages to choosing Invisalign aligners over traditional braces.

  • They can hardly be noticed due to their translucent nature. This is ideal for people who want to fix their teeth but not bring in unwanted attention.
  • ………. residents will notice that it does not become a hindrance when brushing or flossing as there are no wires or brackets.
  • This doesn’t restrict or affect your diet in any way as you can easily take them off when eating and put it back afterwards.
  • Overall, there is less pain compared to other options as it doesn’t irritate or cut your cheeks, gum and tongue.

If you feel your teeth need to be aligned or improved in appearance and health, consider using Invisalign. Drop by our office and take the opportunity to draw up a treatment plan with our specialists that will suit your needs and help bring on that winning smile you’ve always dreamed about. Unlike traditional braces, this has everything to turn your dreams into reality.