Dr. Paul Sauvage

Dr. Sauvage specializes in restorative dentistry and oral surgery.

Personal Information


    About Dr Paul Sauvage

    A native of Seattle, Dr. Sauvage possesses a wide array of experiences and interests that underscore his high level of professionalism and quality of character. After graduating the University of Washington with a degree in Political Science, he went on to attend the highly respected Marquette University School of Dentistry. Since this time, Dr. Sauvage has successfully broadened his experiences in restorative dentistry and oral surgery. These experiences have strengthened his ability to provide a multidimensional and discerning perspective to patient care in private practice.

    Outside the dental office, Dr. Sauvage has spent time with the underserved by volunteering in several capacities in the Milwaukee area. Dr. Sauvage finds personal fulfillment in giving back to the community and when time permits, Dr. Sauvage might be found golfing, skiing, playing basketball or simply enjoying a good book.